Since founded in 2005 by Managing Director James Oliver, Code Security Systems LTD has based their success on the following six values:

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1. Customer Satisfaction
This is of paramount importance to the key success of Code Security, we are aware that not every installation goes to plan but we strive to develop and rectify any issues that arise. This enables us to continue to grow as a company knowing that we listen to your feedback and we do not let you down.

2. Reliability
In order to have confidence in your security system and provider we are aware of this, which is why we only use high quality tried and tested products in all of our systems. This coupled with our highly trained staff enables us to offer a reliable security solution that you can trust.

3. Quality
We believe that the quality should not only stop at the equipment, we carry this on from the way the security system is designed, to the way your security system is installed/maintained, to the installation and service engineers, to the administration and accounts in the office. All of these areas need to work in-conjunction together to ensure the highest standards are met for Code Security.

4. Honesty
This is one of our key values, honesty is of upmost importance amongst all our team at Code Security. We do not over sell systems nor do we pressure sell, our reputation speaks for itself. If you can’t trust your security provider who can you trust.

5. Price
Security Systems should not be bought on price alone but should be bought on a solution that provides you with the best end result. At Code Security we are aware of people’s budgets and can work with you to provide a security solution that will best suit your cost plan and requirement.

6. Repeat Business

Repeat Business is the fundamental factor that cements all of our companies values. As without any repeat business would say to us, that we have not fulfilled our six key values and is why we will continue strive to improve, listen and learn.. This is what enables us to continue to grow as a company.